Zamorins Tower - " The Tower of Malabar"

An all-round view

The Tower

Calicut going to get yet another landmark in the name of His Highness Zamorin named Zamorin Tower along with a garden dedicated to the great Commander of Zamorin's Navy , Kunjali Marikar. The proposal is to convert 2.5 acers of land owned by revenue department near Manachira into a remarkable signature tower with landscaped open space in the surroundings with the potential to become tourism hub of Malabar. The project will have a subway from Mananchira to the garden. The height of the tower will be 62 m, with steps and lift to reach the view point. The bottom oval hall can be used as a sociological museum of Malabar and the cost of the project is only Rs 3.5 crore.
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