UL Cyber Park got SEZ Status


Satra Galleria [20f] Mavoor Road as on 07/12/09.

Hilite Metromax [20x4 f] NH-17 Bypass, as on 07/12/09

Seiken Retreate [20F] Mavoor Road, as on 07/12/09

Ellizium court [20F] Red cross Road, as on 07/12/09


Arayidathupalam Flyover getting ready!!!

Keeping all the questions unanswered, the newest landmark in Calicut is getting ready and will be inaugrated by this month. The flyover, if works out as planned, is going to revolutionize traffic movement inside Calicut city. Critics still believe that this flyover is not wide enough to handle the heavy traffic on 4 lane Mavoor road, they still believe that, only a 4 lane flyover can solve the traffic problem here!! I personally beileve that, with the rate at which calicut traffic is growing this flyover is inadequate to handle the traffic, when we think about the future of our city. The number of vehicles registered from calicut is one of the highest in whole of kerala and we are not going to see any decline in this growth in the near future, so they could have planned a wider one keeping the future developments in mind!!! its so simple to define this one, i would call it, a Bottle Neck Flyover!!!!!

Reality unplugged!!!




Work site on NH-17 Bypass.
ULCCS have proved it again!!!!!!!!!! The perspectives of UL Cyber park is out and they have already started working on this project. It is going to be 22 lacks sq/ft of space with an inetial investment of 600 crores on 27 acers of land, the project when complete will provide jobs upto 22000 proffessionals. All these are happening when our government has not yet finalised any thing about the proposed CYBER PARK on the lines of Techno park & Info park. From the perspectives it is clear that the project is going be a mega project which includes futurestic office spaces and shopping malls of international standards, and i am exited to see how they are going to develop the land which is an exotic location, so guys another Gods own IT Park is under constrution!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!


Seiken Retreat, [20f] Kotooly, Mavoor Road.

Mavoor road is dressing up to become another road of highrises in Calicut, like this one from Seiken Properties named as Retreat which is a tall one with over 20 floors. The project is coming up on a beautiful site which has a view that is really incredible. Out of 20 floors planned 8 floors are complete, and the project is sold out. With the current pace of work, we can see this project to be completed within a year and a half, with the project complete yet another tall one will be added to ever growing Calicut skyline.


Gokulam, International Convention Centre, NH-17 Bypass.

Yet another landmark going to come up on NH-17 bypass along with many others, either under construction or on various stages of approval, people, just imagine how our bypass will look in the coming years with all those projects planned gets completed.

The International Convention center planned is from Gokulam group and they are really serious about this project. The architect behind this project is none other than Ar. N. M. Salim. If it gets built this will be the most modern building in whole of kerala.


Growing Calicut Skies!!!!

Picture courtesy-Dinakar Viswanath
Kochi skyline is always considered as one of the best not only in Kerala but also whole of India, Kochi had highrises right from mid 80's when Choice group built their 17 storied apartment complex there. Calicut also had some cool midrises even during 70's like LIC building which was built in the year 1972, and after that there was many more like Paramount towers etc. which i used to admire with, while i was in school. Then came the apartment culture with Pankaj apartments, which was built in the year 1990. After that there was no turning back for calicut, with rise in the land value, common man started thinking about flats instead of buying land & then built a house there, flats came at half the price, so this made the rise in the number of highrises growing tall inside the city, which is evident from the above picture.

Kochi!!!!!! meet your rival from North, Calicut skies are really becoming denser these days, with the completion of all proposed projects its going to look more good, like the 26 storied Galaxy project etc which is right now under construction. With the upcoming IT Parks and educational institutions Calicut will be in focus in the years to come. Quality infrastructure and housing will make a city livable, Calicut is developing in a better way when you come on to this regard. With all those KSSUDP projects on the way calicut will be a much better place to live in.

Calicut!!!! the future is yours, go get it!!!


NIT-Calicut on the way to become International.
The newly planned International campus.
NIT-Calicut on the way to become International, Rs 576 CR developments for NIT-C in Learning , research , development and also provindng international facilies. Number of students to be increesed from 3700 to 5000 by 2011. The projects include, MBA COMPLEX , MEGA HOSTEL , AUDITORIUMs , SPORTS FACILITIES etc.


Cyberpark Appoints Binu Pazhoor as CEO

The new IT park and center of excellence being developed by the Government of Kerala has appointed Binu Pazhoor as CEO of Cyberpark. As Chief Operating Officer of Cyberpark, Pazhoor will lead initiatives towards the development of the 'cyberparks' planned to be built in the Malabar region -- namely, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargode. He will be responsible for the development of infrastructure, marketing and promotion of the three parks and the development of other initiatives supporting the implementation and functions of the parks.Pazhoor comes with experience as director in board for the Academy for Excellence, which is a non-profit organization geared towards building an education system that connects children from around the world. Commenting on his role at Cyberpark, Binu Pazhoor said, "...coming from this background, I am looking forward to this challenging task. Also being quite an environmentally conscious person, I intend to bring an eco-friendly state-of-the-art facility with all the modern amenities promoting a greener Kerala preserving the traditions and purity of the state."


Hilite Metromax [ 20 f X 4 ], NH 17 Bypass.

Updates September 2009, 3 out of the 4 towers almost topped out!!!!
Picture courtesy: Coolclt


Satra Galleria, mixed use, Mall + Multiplex + Hotel [ 20+f ] , Mavoor Road, Calicut.

Update as on August 2009.

Picture courtesy- Deewana-Calicut.


Arayidathupalam Flyover, Updates August 2009.

Picture courtesy-Deewana, Calicut.


Al-hind Sea Fort, [18f] , Near Tagore hall, Red Cross road.
Calicut, to add yet another highrise to its skyline, Al-hind- Sea Fort, is going to come up very near to beach, near Tagore hall, on Red Cross road. There is nothing much to bragg upon the design of the proposed one, a normal 18 storied structure, but the height matters, as it may add upon to the highrise density of the area. The new project from the reputed Al-Hind builders is almost 30% booked on the launching day itself, showing the eagerness of Calicutites to live in highrise buildings!!!!!!!


Kappad beach.


"Kozhikodans" for Miss Kerala 2009.

Sruthy Sathyan. Priyanka Sayinath.

The Miss Kerala 2009 scheduled to be on august 5th is a well known and most anticipated event in Kerala is conceived and organised by Impresario Event Management India Ltd.
Miss Kerala has become an established and most sought after brand. This contest which is open to the Keralites gets participation from not only residents of India but also abroad. Impresario Event Management India is more than proud to train and harness the talent of the youth of Kerala and present to the world the state's most beautiful, talented and confident person,a winner in all sense.
We have three contestants from our booming calicut, namely, Sruthy Sathyan , Priyanka Sayinath & Shrinka. Hope these girls will bring glory to our home city which is known for its beautiful people. Good Luck girls!!!!


Hilite Metromax, 20 f x 4, NH-17 Bypass.

Update on August 2009.
Hilite Hills, 20 f X 3 + Hilte Plaza (commercial), NH-17 Bypass.
Update on august 2009.


Hotel De Grand Heritage.

Picture courtesy : Anil Calicut
The newly opened hotel, De Grand Heritage on Rajaji Road, is truly an amazing structure of its own in calicut, its a blend of europian and indian style making it an attraction, right in the heart of the city, very near to Keralas first ever true shopping mall The Focus. The restaurant is a little expensive, but who cares when u get an ambience which is some thing different one gets in calicut. So calicut is marching ahead with its counter parts in hospitality industry too, with a lot of hotels and resorts under construction or planned, to fuel the economy of one of the states fastest growing city of Zamorins.


Cherooty road.
Cherooty road can be called as the commercial street of calicut, where u get almost all world class brands, u can see some of them in the above uploaded picture, and adding to it a lot of highrises are also popping up, as the one u can see in this picture, the 20 storied Galaxy Ellizium court, a slight face lift can do wonders on this road. Another main road which crosses this one is Redcross road which is also commercially rich with a lot of restaurants and cofee shops like, Cofee beans, EFC, Cafe cofee day, Reliance Fresh store etc.