Arayidathupalam Flyover getting ready!!!

Keeping all the questions unanswered, the newest landmark in Calicut is getting ready and will be inaugrated by this month. The flyover, if works out as planned, is going to revolutionize traffic movement inside Calicut city. Critics still believe that this flyover is not wide enough to handle the heavy traffic on 4 lane Mavoor road, they still believe that, only a 4 lane flyover can solve the traffic problem here!! I personally beileve that, with the rate at which calicut traffic is growing this flyover is inadequate to handle the traffic, when we think about the future of our city. The number of vehicles registered from calicut is one of the highest in whole of kerala and we are not going to see any decline in this growth in the near future, so they could have planned a wider one keeping the future developments in mind!!! its so simple to define this one, i would call it, a Bottle Neck Flyover!!!!!

Reality unplugged!!!

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