Work site on NH-17 Bypass.
ULCCS have proved it again!!!!!!!!!! The perspectives of UL Cyber park is out and they have already started working on this project. It is going to be 22 lacks sq/ft of space with an inetial investment of 600 crores on 27 acers of land, the project when complete will provide jobs upto 22000 proffessionals. All these are happening when our government has not yet finalised any thing about the proposed CYBER PARK on the lines of Techno park & Info park. From the perspectives it is clear that the project is going be a mega project which includes futurestic office spaces and shopping malls of international standards, and i am exited to see how they are going to develop the land which is an exotic location, so guys another Gods own IT Park is under constrution!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!
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