Growing Calicut Skies!!!!

Picture courtesy-Dinakar Viswanath
Kochi skyline is always considered as one of the best not only in Kerala but also whole of India, Kochi had highrises right from mid 80's when Choice group built their 17 storied apartment complex there. Calicut also had some cool midrises even during 70's like LIC building which was built in the year 1972, and after that there was many more like Paramount towers etc. which i used to admire with, while i was in school. Then came the apartment culture with Pankaj apartments, which was built in the year 1990. After that there was no turning back for calicut, with rise in the land value, common man started thinking about flats instead of buying land & then built a house there, flats came at half the price, so this made the rise in the number of highrises growing tall inside the city, which is evident from the above picture.

Kochi!!!!!! meet your rival from North, Calicut skies are really becoming denser these days, with the completion of all proposed projects its going to look more good, like the 26 storied Galaxy project etc which is right now under construction. With the upcoming IT Parks and educational institutions Calicut will be in focus in the years to come. Quality infrastructure and housing will make a city livable, Calicut is developing in a better way when you come on to this regard. With all those KSSUDP projects on the way calicut will be a much better place to live in.

Calicut!!!! the future is yours, go get it!!!
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