A project on the beautification of Calicut with a view to give the city a face-lift. Calicut is a city at the crossroads. A city known for its rich heritage and traditions, Calicut today is a vibrant, modern center in Kerala with the scope to be a favored IT and tourist destination. Given this scenario the city must be spruced up to vie with other leading cities in the State. The most obvious change must be reflected in the outward appearance. The roadside parks, traffic islands and medians certainly could do with a face lift. The design parameters are in keeping with the traditional framework of the city through a combination of edifices, sculpture etc. in a natural setting with a predominance of flower beds and lush green plants, hedges etc.


  • Beach Road Island in front of calicut corporation office.

  • K.Kellappan memorial park.

  • Connecting mavoor road to waynad road.

  • Over bridge to corporation(there r two old islands )

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